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ankiHeisigs Remembering the Kanji (RTK) 6th Edition Stories Stroke Diagrams ReadingsmegaWriting, Recall, Kanji.Front: keyword. Back: kanji. Accompanies RTK. RTK included in folder. Covers 2200 kanji. Remember the Kanji 6th Edition Sample
ankiKanji Damage Plus +megaRecognition, kanji.Front: character. Back: reading, mnemonic, keyword, vocabulary.
ankiKanji by Frequency with Stroke AnimationsmegaWriting, Recall, Kanji.Front: readings, keyword. Back: kanji. Covers ~2200 kanji
ankiKangxi RadicalsmegaRecognition, Radicals.Front: shape. Back: concept. Based on the Kangxi radical system.
ankiKangxi Radicals: Autismo EditionmegaRecall, Kanji.Front: keyword, reading. Back: radical. card example.
ankiHiragana and Katakana with Audio and Stroke AnimationsmegaWriting, Recall, Kana.Front: audio. Back: kana
ankiJust KanamegaRecognition, Kana.Front: kana. Back: romaji. Embedded font
ankiCore 2k/6k Tae Kim VocabularymegaRecognition, Vocabulary.Front: vocabulary (kanji). Back: translation, reading, example sentence, audio. In approximate order of introduction in Tae Kim. Covers ~800 words.
ankiCore 2k_6k_10K Further OptimizedmegaRecognition, VocabularyFront: vocabulary (kanji). Back: translation, reading, example sentence, audio, frequency. In order of importance and introduced characters. Covers ~10k words. Split into two subdecks. Based on iKnow data.
ankiCore10k JinJoyomegaVocabulary deck. Covers all the remaining 1024 kanji officially recognized by the Japanese government as part of their Jouyou, Jinmeiyou and Jinmeiyou Variant kanji lists as of August 15th, 2018 which are not present in the Core 2k_6k_10K Further Optimized Anki deck.
Front: vocabulary. Back: word audio, meaning, reading, Japanese example sentence + translation.
Read Me
ankiCore 2k/6k Japanese VocabularymegaRecognition, Vocabulary.Front: vocabulary (kanji). Back: translation, reading, example sentence, audio. In order of importance and introduced characters. Covers ~6k words. Based on iKnow data
ankiCore 2k/6k 2-Step Japanese VocabularymegaRecognition, Vocabulary.Front: vocabulary (kanji). Back: sentence, sentence translation, reading, audio, optional definition. In order of importance and introduced characters. Covers ~6k words. Based on iKnow data
ankiAnonymous Core 5000megaRecognition, Vocabulary.Front: vocabulary (kanji). Back: translation, reading, example sentence, frequency. In order of importance. Covers ~5k words. Contains common grammatical particles. Based on A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese
ankiVN Core 1250megaAlso referred to as vncore, this is a 1250 word recognition vocabulary deck based on frequency derived from visual novels, aimed at covering the basics and helping learners break into reading as soon as possible. Front: vocabulary (kanji). Back: reading, translation, misc. usage notes.
older versions: here.
ankiJLPT N1-N4 VocabularymegaVocabulary.Format broken, all terms on front. Exposure deck? Covers ~8k cards.Vocabulary lists Alternative download
ankiJLPT N4 VocabularymegaSentence based deck for JLPT N4 vocabulary, contains audio. 917 cards.
ankiJLPT N5 VocabularymegaSentence based deck for JLPT N5 vocabulary, contains audio. 1171 cards.
ankiTae Kim VocabularymegaRecall, Vocabulary.Front: English term, cloze sentence. Back: vocabulary, sentence. In approximate order of introduction in Tae Kim. Covers ~1100 words.
ankiJapanesePod101 VocabularymegaRecognition, Vocabulary.Front: vocabulary (kanji). Back: translation, reading. In approximate order of simplicity. Full of duplicates. Covers less than 15k words, depending on how many duplicates there are.
ankiTae Kim GrammarmegaRecognition, Grammar, Sentence.Front: sentence. Back: reading, translation, place in Tae Kim. Covers ~800 cards.Tae Kim's Japanese Grammar
ankiDictionary of Japanese GrammarmegaRecall, Exposure, Grammar, Sentence. Covers ~630 notes.More information
ankiHandbook of Japanese GrammarmegaRecall, Exposure, Grammar.Related page
ankiJapanese Particles and GrammarmegaRecall, Grammar, Sentence.Front: cloze sentence, grammar point (english). Back: sentence, sentence translation, notes. Multiple notes per grammar point. Contains ~1k cards.
ankiJapanese Particles and Grammar AbridgedmegaRecognition, Grammar.Front: grammatical word or phrase (japanese). Back: meaning, approximation, example sentences. Separate notes for different meanings of the same grammar point. Contains very basic grammar. Covers ~450 cards.
ankiJapanese: The Manga Way with PicturesmegaRecognition, Grammar, Sentence.Front: comic panel, sentence, readings. Back: word-by-word translation, real translation. Covers ~600 cards
ankiAll About ParticlesmegaRecognition, Grammar, Sentence.Front: sentence with highlighted particle. Back: furigana sentence, translation, particle meaning. Covers ~600 cards
ankiKanzen 1 & 2 (grammar)megaRecognition, Grammar, Sentence. N1 deck: Front: sentence with highlighted phrase. Back: notes on part of speech. Multiple cards per phrase. Covers ~350 cards. N2 deck: Same format. Covers ~530 cards.
ankiTobira anki deckmegaRecall, Recognition, Vocabulary.Recall front: English meaning. Recall back: Japanese word, audio. Recognition front: word (kanji). Back: Kana reading, audio. Covers 1075 words
ankiGenki 1 & 2 vocabulary deckmegaRecall, Recognition, Vocabulary. Recall front: English meaning. Recall back: Japanese word, audio. Recognition front: word (kanji). Back: Kana reading, audio. Covers 1936 words.
ankiWaniKani DeckmegaRecognition, Vocabulary, Kanji, Radicals. Three subdecks. Kanji deck: Front: kanji. Back: keyword, reading, radicals, two mnemonics. Covers ~1650 kanji. In order of introduction of components, both component radicals and component kanji. Radicals deck: Front: radical. Back: keyword, mnemonic. Covers ~450 radicals. Made-up radicals system, only for WK's kanji mnemonics. In order of apparent simplicity. Vocabulary deck: Front: word (kanji). Back: translation, reading, component kanji, mnemonics. Covers ~5k words. In order of introduction of consituent kanji
ankiCounter DeckmegaCounter word (助数詞) deck. Essential counter words. Front: kanji. Back: reading, English description. Extended version can be found here.
ankiJapanese regions, prefectures, noteworthy citiesmegaRecognition. Front: Kanji. Back: Reading and various details about the location. Info
fontJIS-2004 Textbook font (official stroke form)megaDoes not have ALL characters in correct JIS-2004 shape, but the overwhelming majority are.
.xlsxDictionary of Japanese Grammar Checklistmegaput any word in the F column in the row corresponding to an entry you already know.
InternetVizualizing Japanese Grammar VideosmegaVisualizing Japanese Grammar Homepage
InternetJ-E EPWING Dictionary (新和英大辞典 第5版)mega
InternetJ-E EPWING Dictionary (新和英大辞典 第5版) converted for YomichanmegaYomichan website
InternetJ-J EPWING Dictionaries - Includes Daijirin and Koujien (Authoritative Japanese dictionaries)mega
Internet今日・いまび.pdfmegaimabi homepage
InternetNamasensei's Japanese Lessons, you BITCHmega
L-RJapanese !L-RmegaRead if you are interested in Listening-Reading
writing - guidebook (scan)A Reader of Handwritten Japanese, P.G. O’NeillA reader of handwritten Japanese through letters and other media. Beginner to advanced texts. Standard, high and ultra high quality scans available.mega
writing - guidebook (scan)A Guide to learning Hiragana and KatakanaKana, Writing, Drillsmega
writing - guidebook (scan)A Guide to Reading and Writing JapaneseKanji, Recognition, Kana, Writing, Vocabularymega
writing - guidebook (scan)A guide to remembering Japanese charactersKanji, Recognition, Etymology, Vocabularymega
writing - guidebook (scan)A guide to writing Kanji and Kana BookKana, Kanji, Writing, Vocabularymega
writing - guidebook (scan)Basic Kanji Book (1&2)Kanji, Writing, Vocabulary, Reading, Drillsmega
writing - guidebook (scan)Doraemon Kokugo Omoshiro Kouryaku Utatte Kakeru Shougaku Kanji 1006Kanji, Writing, Radicals, Vocabularymega
writing - guidebook (digital)Hiragana Katakana WorksheetKana, Writing, Drills mega
writing - guidebook (scan)Intermediate Kanji BookKanji, Writing, Vocabulary, Reading, Drillsmega
writing - guidebook (scan)Kanji de MangaKanji, Writing, Recognition, Mnemonicsmega
writing - guidebook (scan)Kanji in contextKanji, Recognition, Vocabularymega
writing - guidebook (scan)Kanji isn't that hardWriting, Recognition, Mnemonicsmega
writing - guidebook (scan)Kanji Mnemonics Instruction Manual For Learning Japanese CharactersKanji, Recognition, Vocabulary, Mnemonicsmega
writing - guidebook (scan)Kanji Pict-O-GraphixKanji, Recognition, Mnemonicsmega
writing - guidebook (scan)Kanji PowerKanji, Writing, Vocabulary, Drillsmega
writing - guidebook (scan)Let's learn KanjiKanji, Radicals, Writing, Vocabulary, Drillsmega
writing - guidebook (scan)Let's learn more KanjiKanji, Radicals, Writing, Vocabulary, Drillsmega
writing - guidebook (digital)Read Japanese TodayKanji, Recognitionmega
writing - guidebook (scan)Remembering The KanaKana, Writing, Mnemonicsmega
writing - guidebook (scan)Remembering the KanjiKanji, Writing, Mnemonicsmega 1st Volume 6th Edition
writing - guidebook (scan)RyuugaKusei no Tame no Kanji no Kyoukasho Chuukyuu 700Kanji, Writing, Vocabulary, Drillsmega Alternative link
writingTeach Yourself Beginner's Japanese Scriptmega
listeningThe sounds of JapanesemegaTheoretical Japanese phonetics and phonology and pitch accent.
listeningJapanesepod101megajapanesepod101 homepage
listeningPimsleur Japanesemega
listeningGengo Japanese Audiomega
listening50 listening tasks for Beginners-Intermediate Studentsmega
listeningCollins Easy Learning Japanese Audio Coursemega
listeningBerlitz Japanese Coursemega
listeningBunka Nihongomega
listeningChuukyuu kara manabu JPmega
listeningSpeaking Skills Learned through Listening Japanese Livemega
listeningLinguaphone Japanese Coursemega
listeningMastering Japanese by Ear Audiomega
listeningOxford Take Off In Japanese Audiomega
listeningColloquial Japanesemega
textbookTry!JLPT N5~N3mega
textbookGenki 2nd editionmega
textbookAn Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanesemega
textbookHugo Japanese in 3 Monthsmega
textbookInteractive Japanese 1 An Introductory Coursemega
textbookIntroduction To Intermediate Japanesemega
textbookJapanese for Busy Peoplemega
textbookJapanese for Everyonemega
textbookJapanese for Todaymega
textbookJapanese for You The Art of Communicationmega
textbookJapanese in Mangalandmega
textbookMimi Kara Oboeru N3mega
textbookMinna no Nihongomega
textbookMirai Stage 1 Coursebookmega
textbookNakamaa 1-2 Communication, Culture, Contextmega
textbookSuccessful Communication in Japanesemega
textbookNew Approach Japanese Intermediate 1mega
textbookNew JLPT N3 Reading comprehension, Grammar & Vocabularymega
textbookNihongo Chuukyuumega
textbookN1-N2 Grammar and Exercisesmega
textbookShin Bunka Shoukyuu Nihongomega
textbookShin Kanzen Master N1 Grammarmega
textbookShin Kanzen Master N1 Readingmega
textbookShin Kanzen Master N1 Kanjimega
textbookShin Kanzen Master N1 Listeningmega
textbookShin Kanzen Master N1 Vocabularymega
textbookShin Kanzen Master N2 Grammarmega
textbookShin Kanzen Master N2 Readingmega
textbookShin Kanzen Master N2 Kanjimega
textbookShin Kanzen Master N2 Listeningmega
textbookShin Kanzen Master N2 Vocabularymega
textbookShin Kanzen Master N3 Grammarmega
textbookShin Kanzen Master N3 Listeningmega
textbookShin Kanzen Master N3 Readingmega
textbookSou Matome N1mega
textbookSou Matome N2 Grammarmega
textbookSou Matome N2 Readingmega
textbookSou Matome N2 Kanjimega
textbookSou Matome N2 Listeningmega
textbookSou Matome N2 Vocabularymega
textbookSou Matome N3mega
textbookShin Nihongo no Kisomega
textbookSpeak Japanese with Confidencemega
textbookRead Japanesemega
textbookTeach Yourself Instant Japanesemega
textbookTeach Yourself Japanesemega
textbookTeach Yourself Phone Japanesemega
textbookTema-betsu Chyuukyu Kara Manabu Nihongo + Wākubukkumega
textbookUltimate Japanese Advancedmega
textbookAn Introduction to Modern Japanese Grammarmega
textbookCommunicating with Japanese by the Total Method Basicmega
textbookComprehending technical Japanesemega
textbookIntermediate Japanese An Integrated Coursemega
textbookMangajin's Basic Japanese through Comicsmega
textbookJapanese Life and Culturemega
textbookAn Intensive Training Course in Japanesemega
textbookRapid Reading Japanese Improving Reading Skills of Intermediate and Advanced Studentsmega
textbookReading Japanesemega
textbookSou Matome N2 (old)mega
textbookYosou Mondaishuu N3 and N2mega
textbookTanki Master Drill N5, N3 and N1mega
textbookKanzen Moshi N1 ~N3mega
textbookSuper Moshi N1~N5mega
textbookMimi Kara Oboeru N2 ~N4mega
textbookJLPT Testsmega
textbookShiken ni deru N2 and N1mega
textbookPattern Betsu Tettei Drill N1 ~ N3mega
textbookNihongo Power Drill N1mega
textbookGokaku dekiru N1 ~ N5mega
textbookMoshi to Taisaku N1 ~ N3mega
textbookNihongo Challenge N4 and N5mega
textbookSpeedmaster N1 ~ N3mega
textbookKirari Nihongomega
textbookPattern de Manabu JLPTmega
textbookにほんご500問 ~中級~ N3-N2mega
grammar新装版 どんなときどう使う 日本語表現文型辞典mega
grammarはなしまひょ 京都弁mega
grammarしゃべってみんしゃい 福岡弁mega
grammarしゃべってみや~ 名古屋弁mega
grammarしゃべってみなはれ 大阪弁mega
grammarJLPT N3 to N1 textbooksmega
grammarA Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns for Teachers and Learners - English versionmega
grammarTobiramegaAlternative link
grammarTobira Grammar Power: Exercises for Mastery (Scan)mega
grammarKanzen Master Japanese Grammarmega
grammarNihongo Notesmega
grammarPreparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Testsmega
grammar13 Secrets for Speaking Fluent Japanesemega
grammarEssential Japanese Expressions A Guide To Correct Usage Of Key Sentence Patternsdead link
grammar501 Japanese Verbsmega
grammarA Dictionary of Japanese Grammarmega
grammarA Dictionary of Japanese Particlesmega
grammarA Handbook of Japanese Grammarmega
grammarAll About Particlesmega
grammarBarron's Japanese Grammarmega
grammarHow to Tell the Difference between Japanese Particlesmega
grammarJapanese A Comprehensive Grammarmega
grammarJapanese Beyond Words How to Walk and Talk Like a Native Speakermega
grammarJapanese language insightsmega
grammarJapanese Particle Workbookmega
grammarJapanese Respect Language When, Why, and How to use it Successfullymega
grammarJapanese the Manga Waymega
grammarJapanese Verbs and Essentials of Grammarmega
grammarJapanese Verbs at a Glancemega
grammarMaking sense of Japanese grammarmega
grammarMaking Sense of Japanese What the Textbooks Don't Tell Youmega
grammarA Dictionary of Japanese Grammar with Sentence Patternsmega
grammarOxford Japanese Grammar & Verbsmega
grammar40 days kanzenmega
grammarThe handbook of Japanese adjectives and adverbsmega
vocab101 Japanese Idiomsmega
vocabVocabuLearn Japanese Completemega
vocabA Handbook of Common Japanese Phrasesmega
vocabA Practical Guide to Mimetic Expressions through Picturesmega
vocabEssential Japanese Expressionsmega
vocabHow to Sound Intelligent in Japanese A Vocabulary Buildermega
vocabInstant Japanesemega
vocabJapanese core words and phrases Things you can't find in a dictionarymega
vocabDictionary of Essential Japanese Expressionsmega
vocabRemember everyday life japanese wordsmega
misc.Introduction to Japanese Pronunciation Theory and Practicemega
misc.Learning Japanese from Songsmega
misc.Pronounce It Perfectly in Japanesemega
misc.Sing and Learn Japanesemega
misc.A History of Japanese Literaturemega
misc.Folktales from the Japanese Countrysidemega
misc.Introduction to Academic Presentationsmega
misc.Japanese folk songsmega
misc.The dialects and culture of the Kinki region - Kinki Japanesemega
misc.The Languages of Japanmega
misc.Writing E-mails in Japanesemega
misc.A History of the Japanese Languagemega
readersJapanese Children's Favorite Storiesmega
readersJapanese Readersmega
readersOngaeshi Tsurunomega
readersJapanese Graded Readersmega
referenceDirty Japanese Everyday Slangmega
referenceElementary School Student's Kanji Dictionarymega
referenceLet's Learn Japanese Picture Dictionarymega
referenceLonely Planet Japanese Phrasebookmega
referenceMaking Out In Japanesemega
referenceMore Making Out In Japanesemega
referenceNTC's New Japanese-English Character Dictionarymega
referenceThe Complete Idiots Guide to Conversational Japanesemega
referenceThe Kodansha Kanji Learners Dictionarymega
referenceKodansha Kanji Learner's Coursemega
referenceThe Rough Guide Phrasebook Japanesemega
referenceZakennayo! The real Japanese you were never taught in schoolmega
culture現代マンガ悲歌―対話録 (1970年) (青林堂)mega
culture[長井勝一] 「ガロ」編集長 (ちくま文庫)mega
cultureガロ曼陀羅 (阪急コミュニケーションズ)mega
culture現代漫画論集 (1969年) (青林堂)mega
culture[権藤晋] ガロを築いた人々―マンガ30年私史 (ほるぷ出版)mega
cultureAnime from Akira to Howl's Moving Castle Experiencing Contemporary Japanese Animationmega
cultureContemporary Japan History, Politics, and Social Change since the 1980smega
cultureCulture Shock! Japan A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquettemega
cultureDifferent Games, Different Rules Why Americans and Japanese Misunderstand Each Othermega
cultureFrommer's Japanmega
cultureFrommer's Tokyomega
cultureInsight Guides Japanmega
cultureIntroduction to Japanese Horror Filmmega
cultureIntroduction to Japanese Society, Second Editionmega
cultureJapan A Global Studies Handbookmega
cultureJapan Its History and Culturemega
cultureJapan pop! inside the world of Japanese popular culturemega
cultureJapan Through the Looking Glassmega
cultureJapanese A Story of Language and Peoplemega
cultureJapanese Culturemega
culturejapanese gods and mythsmega
cultureJapanese mythology A to Zmega
cultureLanguage and Society in Japanmega
cultureLonely Planet Japan (Country Guide)mega
cultureModern Japan A Social and Political Historymega
cultureModern Japan A Very Short Introductionmega
cultureReading Japan Cool Patterns of Manga Literacy and Discoursemega
cultureShinto (World Religions)mega
cultureThe Anime Encyclopedia A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917mega
cultureThe Cambridge Companion to Modern Japanese Culturemega
cultureThe New Japan Debunking Seven Cultural Stereotypesmega
cultureThe Samurai Sourcebookmega
cultureUnderstanding Japanese Societymega
cultureUnderstanding Manga and Animemega